At PFTechnology we work meticulously to provide the best custom services and ROI for our clients, our machinery enables us to provide complex support for in house production as well as to provide services to outside customers . Our partners include manufacturers and distributors, as well as service providers in a variety of industries

Technical capabilities:

Metal Fabrication & Machining

  • turning of elements with diameters up to 3100mm, height 2350mm, max element weight 12 000,00kg (26 500,00lbs) on a rotary lathe
  • turning of elements with diameters up to 900mm and length of 4000mm with max weight of 2000,00kg on roll turning lathes
  • milling on universal mills with max table size 400 x 500 x 2000mm 
  • drilling, reaming and hole boring on jig boring machine with accuracy to 0,02mm (0.0008 inches),
  • surface grinding; 450 x 1000 mm, 
  • rolling of steel sheets with maximum thickness of 25mm for carbon steel, 3000mm width and max rolled diameter of 2100mm.
  • steel cutting up to 25mm and with of 3150mm on guillotine shear,
  • bending and folding of steel sheets up to 15mm trick on hydraulic bender,
  • rolling of steel sheets with thickness of 4mm and width of 1500 on a 2 roll bending-curling machine without the need of excess steel for rolling, process becomes cost effective with larger quantities of elements, 
  • plasma cutting of steel with thickness to 25mm and cutting table dimensions of 2000mm x 4000mm,
  • Pipe, Tube, Angle, Channel & Flat Bar Rolling  on a 4 roll profile rolling machine

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTA)

  • In our offer we have a Plasma transferred arc (PTA) hard facing application, in which we apply high-quality metallurgically fused deposits on relatively low cost surfaces. Soft alloys, medium and high hardness materials, and carbide composites can be deposited on a variety of substrates to achieve diverse properties such as mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance, and creep. This can application can be performed on used as  well as new elements specifically the once used in abrasive environments. The PTA application has found use in wide variety of industries. We provide professional advice in the selection of coating materials in order to obtain the required properties of the weld layer. The hardness of the coatings is in the range of 23 – 64 HRC, depending on base and the fused material used.


COLD SPRAY coating method is a process of metallization of the surface’s which does not introduce excessive quantities of heat in coated elements. Due to the use of the kinetic energy of the particles, instead of its temperature. It is particularly suited for resurfacing of precision or thin-wall elements. The technology allows coating of steel, cast iron, ceramics, composites, glass with materials such as Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Tin etc. Thanks to technology, it is possible to build on the base surface of different thickness of the additional layer, normally this is from 0.05 to 4 mm.

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