Vibratory Screeners and Separators

Vibratory screens separate solid materials from   liquids, and sort materials by size using multi-plane, inertial vibration that causes particles to pass through apertures in the screen or to travel across the screen surface in controlled directions.

Typical applications include sifting, classifying by size, de-dusting and de-lumping of dry materials, or dewatering of solids in processes. 

A wide range of models and specialized options satisfy a broad range of applications from the most simple to the most challenging, in capacities ranging from several kilograms to more than metric ton per hour. Our  vibratory screeners are used in applications such as sifting, scalping, classifying, de-dusting and de-lumping of dry bulk solids, or dewatering of solids.

This units stand out due to their extremely high efficiency when compared to traditional screeners with the same or greater sieve surface, they are designed for extreme operating environments and conditions.



  • Extremely high efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Robust construction and design
  • Requires minimal personnel for operation
  • High quality of subcomponents


  • Basic proven design
  • High efficiency with low power consumption
  • Available manufacturers service
  • Short screen replacement time
  • In stock spare parts
  • Available manufacturers service
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