Type LBW Internally-Fed Rotating Drum Screen

With hundreds of units sold worldwide, LBW units are proven high-capacity and fine filtration solutions a variety of industries and applications.

In sewage treatment plants, this unit is are used as a fine screen for pretreatment and primary treatment to machines. They have found uses with meat and poultry processors, fruit and vegetable  processors, pulp and paper mills as fiber recovery,  tanneries, textile mills, recycling plants to recover plastics from their water system, building material production factories as process water treatment.

LBW unit is an internally-fed rotary cylindrical screen that can be manufactured with drums made of wedge wire, perforated plates and woven wire mesh for fine filtration. Effluent enters through the inlet and flows into a distribution box that spreads the flow evenly onto two sides of the drum.  As the influent spreads inside the rotating screen, solids are caught inside the cylinder and fluid passes through the screen into the outlet and the for further treatment. Spiral inside the drum move the solids along the length of the screen towards the discharge chute. These units can be equipped with combination of spray bars and brushes to clean the screen.

Together with cooperation of our clients this machine has been upgraded to  incorporate new design and improvements. Depending on drum material and size of aperture ranging from 0.050mm  to 3,00mm the capacity of these units ranges from 10 m3/h  to 1200 m3/h. Standard material is 1.4301 (AISI-304)  stainless steel,  AISI-  316, 316Ti and L grades are also available  upon request and application requirement.


Roto Sito


  • Standard completely automatic lubrication system for bearings
  • Screen is direct driven, no worries about sleeping belts or skipping chains
  • Available long lasting plastic drive components for certain applications
  • Robust construction and design
  • Completely enclosed, with all the necessary protection for personnel safety
  • Available ports for inspection without stopping the unit
  • Equipment  optimized for specific application
  • Quick replacement drums and wash system are standard
  • Choice of spray bars or brushes or a combination of it.


  • Reduced down-time and maintenance costs
  • Easy inspection access without compromising of personnel safety
  • Direct driven screen eliminates the worry of belts slipping and chains skipping
  • Used with  pumped applications
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