Shaft-less Spiral Conveyor

The shaftless spiral conveyor is the answer for  reliable and efficient transport without the need for additional operators. Our conveyors can be coupled with our machines to create a solids management system that screens, conveys and dewaters solids.

PFT conveyors are totally enclosed. Bolt-on covers with secured inspection doors help contain odors and solids in, eliminate spills and minimize mess in the area.

Our shaftless spiral design is extremely simple, and will provide years of trouble-free performance. This type of design allows for clear, unrestricted throughput, there is no center shaft  and hanger bearings to obstruct material movement. All movable parts are placed on the outside with easy access and maintenance

przenośnik ślimakowy odwadniający


  • Complete stainless steel system with high strength carbon steel shaft less spiral
  • Optional control system
  • Easy adaptable to other equipment if necessary
  • Best choice for stringy and fibrous material
  • Shaft less design allows for large capacities to be transported
  • Optional Connections allow for multiple equipment to be connected to tandem conveyers at once


  • Fully enclosed design keeps the  areas clean and eliminates spills
  • Top covers allow for safe inspection of operation even with the equipment operating
  • Minimizes down-time and maintenance costs
  • Easy access to all maintenance items
  • Available OEM service staff
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