Type LB – Externally-Fed Rotary Drum Screen

The LB type screen is a self-cleaning wedge wire screen. With hundreds of units installed around the world, it is a proven fine screening technology for municipal wastewater treatment plants and many industries with several application capabilities.

LB machine is accepted as pretreatment fine screens in wastewater treatment applications, as well as in scum screening.  Industrial users, such as meat and poultry processing, food processors, tanneries, textile mills, petrochemical plants, breweries, pulp and paper manufacturing, sugar processing and recyclers, depend on it for product recovery.

The screen is externally-fed so that influent is expands in a baffle chamber, and then spreads over the length of the cylinder. Wastewater cascades through the screen creating backwash which results in a continuously clean surface. Solids are caught on the outside of the screen surface and are removed by a tensioned scraper blade. Units are equipped with automatic wash system to help maintain the screen clean.

Opening sizes are available from 0,050 mm. Capacities range from 14 m3/h  to 1500 m3/h in a single unit. These units can be interconnected for greater capacity.

Rotary Drum Screen


  • Main scraper blade keeps cylinder surface clean
  • Adjustable spring tension  on main scraper
  • Removable top-cover cover minimizes splashing, reduces housekeeping, and protects personnel from personal injury
  • Built in internal spray with feed filter to protect the solenoid valve
  • Stainless steel construction from high quality materials
  • Continuous operation
  • Available complete control units
  • Easily accessible feed chamber simplifies routine maintenance



  • Spray bar is positioned close to the surface of the screen, this helps keep it clean even when the medium includes grease substances.
  • Automatic operation
  • Minimized down – time and maintenance costs
  • Available manufacturers service
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