Special filters

The automatic filter series can be customized and can even be used in high-stress applications. Various special models are available to our customers. Automatic filters with heating or cooling jackets, models with special materials, high – temperature and pressure models for oil refining application.

Mechanical coalescers are applied in oil and gas industries worldwide for removal of water or hydrocarbon condensate,  by definition coalescers function as a separation tool for liquids.

Coalescing filters are used to separate water droplets  from solid particles carried in the stream, the can be used in chemical, oil and other industries.  l from compressed air using a coalescing effect.

This  filters are designed  and manufactured for specific applications in our facility. All filter internals are always build from minimum of AISI-304 (1.4301) stainless steel material,  higher grades like AISI-316, TI, L grades are also available. Body / vessels can be build from multiple selection of materials for a wide range of applications. The robust construction of the filter makes it suitable for separating of practically all liquids.

filtry specjalne


  • Minimal maintenance and service
  • Subcomponents from reliable suppliers
  • Quiet operation
  • Filters are designed to operate 24hr x365 days
  • Operation at high pressures
  • Solid construction
  • Self cleaning with minimal water wasted


  • Minimized quantity of solids in the system
  • In stock spare parts
  • Possibility of the filtered water to be reused as a technological water
  • High efficiency with minimal energy usage
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Available OEM service
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