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Almost all manufacturing and industrial operations utilize some level of treated water for a variety of production processes.  Properly treated water is essential for cooling, lubrication, washing, product flow, conditioning, etc., eventually this water becomes wastewater that must be treated for discharge or reuse.

Manufacturers must maintain strict quality and efficiency standards in their processes in order to compete effectively in today’s local or global markets.  Proper water and wastewater treatment play a critical role in reducing operational and maintenance costs while increasing efficiencies.  PFTechnology has the right  technologies that will allow companies to reduce operational costs, focus on production, and maintain the market share.


Most of inlet water contain some kind of solids contamination that has to be removed prior to further process and treatment for use in production processes.  PFTechnology offers a variety of screening and solids removal and dewatering equipment,  including but not limited to rotating drum screens, settling and automatic pressure filters. And complete headwork system solutions. We will help to choose and design the best solution to meet your specific inlet water requirements.

Filtration & Process Water Treatment

Filtration and process water treatment is essential to almost all industrial processes and the water quality requirements can vary greatly for each specific application. With the wide array of applications and treatment options available, PFTechnology is ready to help you choose the best solution for your needs. These can include continuous backwash filtration, media filtration. These systems can treat incoming water as well as be fed by technological water from the wastewater treatment systems to minimize discharge and decrease overall water usage.

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling towers require large amounts of high water quality,  inadequate water treatment usually result in poor heat transfer,  premature equipment failures which can all be very costly while reducing the overall plant productivity and efficiency.  PFT has can provide the necessary water treatment solutions to prevent issues with corrosion  fouling and scaling in your cooling tower facility.

Oil/Water Separation

Waste water streams in oil refining  and chemical processing plants, contain varying amounts of oils, light petroleum, and greases that must be separated out for technological water reuse or disposal. Poor water/oil separation can be costly and can reduce the effectiveness of other downstream systems resulting in poor plant efficiencies and possible environmental concerns. PFTechnology can manufacture equipment for your oil/water separation requirements that will minimize maintenance costs and increase performance.

Solids Screening & Recovery

Solids removal systems are necessary for the proper function of downstream wastewater treatment systems. Screening requirements can vary greatly depending on the application and in proper screening can result in poor downstream wastewater treatment including but not limited to violations, equipment failure, and increased at the minimal  maintenance and operational costs. PFT offers several screening and solids recovery systems including  rotating wedge wire screens, washing and dewatering technologies, and complete technological lines that will flow filtered water to downstream treatment systems.

Heavy Metal Recovery

Many industrial processes can contribute heavy metals to the wastewater stream of a plant. Treating waste from these processes can be particularly challenging and proper materials recovery systems may be required. PFT can help with removing and recovering these heavy metals to ensure that your wastewater meets  environmental regulations and standards.

Wastewater Treatment

Almost all industries produce some type of wastewater as environmental regulations become stricter and the availability of fresh water becomes more limited, correct waste water treatment is necessary for safe discharge or reuse for technological process. Depending on the type of wastewater generated, there are many different options available and it is crucial that the proper treatment system be applied to meet the regulatory demands and ensure the overall efficiencies of your plant.

Solids Handling & Reduction

Almost all  waste water treatments produces some kind of residual solids during the process, and this need to be dewatered and reduced as much as possible before disposal. PFTechnology’s handling and drying systems contain all of the necessary transfer and reducing equipment required in order to minimize solids disposal costs.

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